My new Obsession

I’ve recently gained a new obsession…… Instagram, this obsession started mainly due to wanting to keep in contact with a dear friend who has just given birth to an absolutely adorable baby. By being on Instagram it lets me see how old I am getting by how much this sweet little boy is growing.

It has also created a monster in me where I now neglect my WordPress blog and editing of photos for said blog to now posting photos easily on Instagram….Slack I know, however, to combat this and to potentially kill two birds with 1 stone, it seems the easiest way to manage my time efficiently and to minimise extra work (generation lazy moir?)  is to post (sporadically) on wordpress photos I have put up on Instagram ….GENIUS I tells ya!

Enjoy and but don’t worry there are a few more things I am currently writing about as well, I will post them once completed, well once I have stopped fart-arsing around on other social network sites!!

FYI –other than the watermark being placed on them,  all pictures were edited and taken on my iPhone (hence the quality control issues…whoops)

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