Living in Shanghai – Taking photos with your ipad.

On many occasions since moving to Shanghai, I have been at events or situations where I had a prime shot of whatever it was – cooking class, events, scenery views etc. However, on nearly every occasion an iPad suddenly pops up into my view and consumes the shot, normal cameras and normal phones would have also been in the shot, but they wouldn’t have been the shot. It seems iPads have a tendency to monopolise pretty much any and every shot!!

It’s not that I have iPad envy; I hopefully will get one for Christmas. I think iPads are fantastic and the picture quality is amazing. They truly are a very cool invention and people are very lucky to have one.

I also completely understand the concept of iPads and the convenience of uploading onto any social network (if you can access it) the photos you have just taken, but really the only difference is the small fraction of time you save by uploading straight away.

I have found since moving to here, iPad photo taking is quite prevalent and I often wonder, how easy and convenient it is to take a photo with one?

They are somewhat bigger than any other handheld camera apparatus, so wouldn’t users have issues holding them whilst juggling anything? I have small-ish hands so would need to use both and in fact nearly everyone I have seen who uses their iPad for photos also has small hands. With one hand you can hold a camera and iPhone/smaller mobile device and take just as good a picture (depending on the device) yet with an iPad you need two hands.

Perhaps I just have an old fashioned view of preferring to take photos with my camera or smaller iPad (called an iPhone).

Maybe I just missed that memo about how passé cameras are now or maybe it just comes down to manners.…Who knows…Fingers crossed come Christmas time I will be just as obnoxious when I get my iPad.

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