Living in Shanghai – Waterfight Weekend

The Weekend – Shanghai Wow, is it Tuesday already? This week is flying by. I guess the next 5 days after a weekend are always the hardest. Good news for people that work in Shanghai, it’s a long weekend!

The weekend (just been) for us was pretty relaxed Friday, we headed out to KEA Shanghai Drinks at O’Malley’s a great Irish pub in Shanghai, met a few new people as well as hung out with some old people we knew (by old I mean have met them at least once before). Considering we had been on a “detox” for the previous 5 days I don’t think the onslaught of alcoholic beverages did us any good and may have potentially hit us faster than once was the norm. We ended up calling it a night at 2am after the obligatory cheese toasted sandwiches. Great news though, I think my Mandarin is improving as I have managed to get to our place with no issues from the taxi drivers, although it did take a fair amount of “Dutch courage” and I am pretty sure I slurred my words rather than spoke at the rapid pace they all do!

Saturday, we woke feeling only a little dusty and after our morning caffeine and juice fix we headed off to see and take some photos of the much anticipated first ever Shanghai Water fight.

After much meandering around Peoples Square, we finally saw the meeting point (it was also pretty obvious given the number of Laowais hanging around in “beach” attire.

Bang on 3pm the loud speaker announced the fountain was going to start and to clear the area (I’m assuming given it was all in Mandarin) and the next thing you know it had begun!

We had little kiddies running around through the water, we had Laowais running with their water guns and spraying each other and then all of a sudden a lone, courageous, daredevil laowai did the dash into the middle of the fountain. He clearly was too fast for my camera finger as I didn’t manage to get a shot, but it was as if his streak had released the flood gates and the madness really went up a notch! It really was quite a sight, you had laowais running around spraying each other, little kiddies were running around through the water fountain, locals sitting and watching the madness and a group of happy snappers taking photos of this event.

It was a well organised event and the conduct was amazing. They adhered to the rules and seemed to have a lot of fun. They even managed to invovled some of the local little kiddies and the next thing you know there are local kids spraying laowais with water guns and having a riot of a time. Was quite a spectacle and I was glad we were there to witness it.

I have attached a few photos but I don’t think they quite do the event justice.

As mentioned this weekend is a long weekend, it’s the Dragon Boat Festival so I think we will go for an adventure out to see the surrounding areas of Shanghai.

It’s a city that always has something happening so no doubt we will encounter something fun. Hope you have a great week!

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