Just an observation – Shanghai Fashion

Since we have arrived in Shanghai, we have noticed a number of people wearing glasses. (Not such a weird occurrence considering how many people worldwide wear glasses or contact lenses) However, on closer inspection some of said glasses wearers are actually wearing glasses without any lenses in them!

Not sure why, I haven’t had the balls to ask them and quite possibly they wouldn’t understand me or vice versa.

We have also noticed a large, large number of people wearing their pyjamas around the street, just wandering around in their old PJ’s like it’s the most natural thing in the world to do, going about their business eating, shopping etc in their PJ’s. There are no strange looks just seems to be the norm.  The strange looks are only given to the laowais walking passed them…..I wonder if a laowai was to do this what would the reaction be.

I wonder if these things will catch on internationally. Is China really that powerful?


2 thoughts on “Just an observation – Shanghai Fashion

  1. I think the glasses are a residual hipster thing–like how back in the states, stores carry glasses with non-prescription plastic lenses. Though I agree, I think the frames by themselves look odd. I’m less thrown off by the PJs as I am by the other end of the spectrum. Heels. Heels everywhere, 6-inch heels to go grocery shopping.

  2. Heels everywhere is a great thing….I love my shoes and I especially love hot high heels…I wonder if I could wear my PJs and heels if I go shopping here…..hmmmmmmm!

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