Living in Shanghai – And so it begins

So we are now coming up to the 3.5 month mark of living in Shanghai. I feel like it has been longer but I know it hasn’t.

We haven’t done too much travelling around China as we lived in a hotel for 2 months and spent that time waiting for our shipping and looking at countless apartments until we could find a nice place that I could feel safe in. Now we are in said nice place (have been for 1.5 months) and are somewhat settled we are beginning to finally get out groove and go out more and socialise a little more.

We have done a wee bit of exploring around Shanghai and found some great little places to get good coffee and nice food and given where we currently live it’s been great to wander around and stumble across various events, fairs and markets ( Note: I will upload separate entry about these things)

Given that I spend most of the day by myself I have ventured out quite often just to get a feel for the city and come across a lot of cool little shops and neighbourhoods. I also spend a fair bit of time online looking up various Shanghai orientated websites to see what is happening. Through these websites I can plan to either head out whatever is going on by myself or we head out together on the weekend.

We have had friends stay with us a few times so it’s a nice break and has forced us (nicely) to get out and do things and see places that when living somewhere you can at times take for granted. On one of the weeks we had friends here we managed to kill quite a few “things to do in Shanghai” and headed to the Fake Market,  wandered around the Bund,  headed out to a trivia quiz night, browsed the Fabric Market and  day tripped to Zhujiajiao ancient water town.  (Note again: I will upload separate entry about these things)

During my time in Shanghai, I have managed to encounter a lot of the locals presuming I am Chinese and speaking to me with rather rapid speed until I open my mouth and my dulcet kiwi tones come out, they then shrug their shoulders and presume I am a lost cause (not far from the truth). Having encountered this far too often, I decided to attempt to learn the language as a means of trying to survive. So far I have had 30 lessons and from these lessons have managed to make a whole new slew of words up. The following are my most recent fails:

Chinese language attempts:

Tell the taxi driver to take me to my door vs the intersection near our house – FAIL
Ask the electronics store person for fruit water machine – FAIL


Scare a small child by telling him to give me him (trying to say he was a cutie) – FAIL
Tell someone my name is New Zealand – FAIL

On the flipside though, I can now call people pigs, ask if something is free and order red AND white wine and beer effortlessly. Oh and I can say I really like dumplings, chocolate cake, chicken and pork!

This Friday we are heading out to “Social” drinks via a network in Shanghai and heading out to try take photos of Shanghai’s first ever water fight on Saturday. Fingers crossed we are not to shady from the previous night.

I will try putting some photos up of things we have seen and done shortly.

2 thoughts on “Living in Shanghai – And so it begins

  1. Love your article. It has a real personal touch and makes it a great read. Love the way you have touched on different topics related to languages. I really like the overall look of your blog as well.

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