Recipe: Summer Ginger Fizz Drink (Alcoholic)

So we had some friends over the other weekend, it was a balmy day and I thought rather then crack straight into the wine or drink beer and feel bloated I would make a pitcher (jug) of a light summery drink.

Ingredients (you can add or minus item volumes depending on your taste)

(makes a few litres)

2-3 limes cute into wedges and the juice squeezed

500mls of Apple Juice

375-500mls Soda Water

375mls Ginger Ale/Ginger beer

75-100mls Ginger Syrup or ginger juice depending on taste and ginger strength ( I use Budrim Ginger refersher I brought with me)

100mls Cointreau or similar oragne liquor

100mls Plain Vodka

Mint sprigs

lots of ice

Place ice in a 2-3 litre jug

Pour vodka and orange liquor over ice

Add ginger syrup/juice

Add limes (squeeze gently first)

Add Soda water – again depending on strenght you can add more soda water

Add Apple juice. Stir gently.

Gently put the mint between your hands and press (or slap) the mint to activate and enhance the mint flavour. Place into jug and stir gently again.

Pour into your favourite tumblers and consume. I used stemless wine glasses as I really like how cocktails look in them.


(FYI – if you dont have or cant get ginger syrup/juice. You can use ginger beer or ginger ale, simply remove the soda water and up the volume of ginger beer/ginger ale you add)

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