Spread the news – Shanghai’s First Ever Water Fight

Just came across this event which is occuring in Shanghai this Saturday 16th June.  Its kosher and looks like it will be fun. The team have previously organised a pillow fight in Peoples Square successfully.


…”Next Saturday, June 16 @ 3:00 pm, join the first-ever water fight in Shanghai! Add your email and cell phone number to get real-time updates during the day of our water fight.


Time: 3:00 pm sharp. Keep your water guns and toys concealed until 3 pm.
Location: We will reveal the location 24 hours before the event.


1. Tell everyone you know!

2. Do not hit innocent bystanders who are not holding water guns / balloons.

3. Only use multi-colored water guns and balloons; no black or lifelike ones.

4. Don’t hit people who are holding cameras / videocameras.

5. Avoid wearing yellow, flags, or anything that could possibly be viewed as controversial.

6. Have fun!

We will have a beach party after the fight, so wear your bikinis and swim trunks! More details will be sent via email & SMS.

ALSO: Please stay around to help CLEAN UP – do not leave toys or broken balloons at the site because it will prevent us from hosting future events. Thank you!

Follow the link below to register


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