Recipe: Juices

Having recently moved to Shanghai, we thought it best to try and be healthy. We recently brought a juicer to enable us further towards our goal of healthy living and I have to say its been the best gadget purchase this year. I have no idea what we would have done without it!!! Limited by brand choice (brands we know) we brought the Philips HR1866 juicer and it kicks butt!

We try to buy organic fruit and veges as often as we can and given that most wet markets either stock fruit and veges that have been sprayed with goodness knows what we have found we pay a little bit extra and get them from our local online supermarket Fields ( and they are simply the best tasting fruit and vege!

So far we have experimented and the best out of the juices we have made are as follows:

Make sure you chop up the F&V and peel/remove the outer skin on stuff like watermelon, oranges,limes, lemons etc. With apples your supposed to core and peel but I don’t see the difference.

Watermelon Refresher:

½ watermelon

5 apples

Knob of ginger

Lemon juice


Apricot Delight

7 apricots

1 green apple

1 red apple

Lemon juice

 Morning Kickstart

Half a beetroot

1 large carrot

1 orange

1 green apple

Knob of ginger


All juices are best served over ice, if you can crush the ice do it, it not ice cubes are just as great.


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