Omnivore Masterclass – Paul Pairet, Mr & Mrs Bund and Ultraviolet

Having won a ticket to this Master class from Time Out Shanghai, I wasn’t too sure as to what I should expect from this event. My short amount of time in Shanghai has taught be to be prepared for anything. I was lucky enough to attend a Master Class for Paul Pairet.

I was lucky enough to attend a Master Class for Paul Pairet and Greg Robinson.

Prior to this event my knowledge of Paul Pairet was simply he was the genius behind Mr & Mrs Bund (No# 95 out of the world’s top 100 restaurants 2012 as a new entry)

Not only was he engaging with the audience (wit, French charm, good nature, humour etc.) , he managed to handle gracefully the crowd of people who refused to sit and watch what was going on from the chairs but rather wanted to be right at the table obstructing the views from others. Not to mention the hordes of photographers and camera people getting in the way of pretty much everything.

He proceeded to share with the audience details on his new venture Ultraviolet and the gastronomy experience you can expect when attending for an event (I say event as the website surely reflects this is what will occur). From what we were privy to its most definitely a sensory and gastronomy experience not to mention unique, elite and will make you feel pretty damned special if you ever get to go!

The simplicity and elegance in his first dish using simple fresh squeezed frozen apple juice as a palate cleanser made me wonder what style of cooking and what technique he uses, many things ran through my mind from molecular gastronomy, through to simple cooking through to even wondering if he was a chef, artist or scientist? The technique he encompasses in his creations is astounding and whilst he showed us a few creations,  my pictures and my mere mortal words can do them no justice.

The second creation he showed us was Seabass Monte Carlo wrapped in a baguette with vierge sauce, that was snap frozen ( layman’s terms) with a layered filling of Mediterranean delights, anchovy paste, garlic, olive paste and thyme, this was then coated in oil, flour, oil and a special flour finally to make it appear like a baguette. It took approximately 12 minutes to cook and I swear it looked like a baguette, however, the genius of the crisp bread shell with a moist piece of fish inside and no soggy bread all through tells you otherwise. This is then topped with a mixture of various cheeses and olives and served simply as is.

The next creation he showed us was with gummi bears ( frozen flavoured gummie bears served with flash frozen coca cola rocks). I have to be honest, I was lost on the process behind this one and alas didn’t get too much of a view but these gummi bears are encased in a shell/tomb of jelly, flash frozen (layman’s terms) and served with coca cola rock formations. I am sorry I can’t add more about this process and dish as he started mentioning alginate and calcium and alas I was lost along the way. He did manage to single me out as I had a somewhat concerned look on my face (inadvertently) when he brought out the coca cola rocks (which had been again frozen using a technique I am sure was mentioned) After some banter, I was lucky enough to try a piece and it was amazing, a new sensation and really very cool. These gummi bear desserts are then paired with Evian water of the same flavour and served to diners.

The final and most exciting creation was called Doing the dishes. He basically takes a little bit of everything (watermelon, rosewater bubbles, strawberries, raspberries, cream etc.) and makes it as the final dish and it looks like a pile of dishes that need to be done, however, it’s a cleverly constructed dessert, with even flavoured bubbles. The smell was sensational and it looked amazing.

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As mentioned I am a layman and tried my darndest to pay attention and take good photos; however it wasn’t really a user/viewer friendly set up.

It truly was a sensory overload and this was just in a little dome for 45 minutes, can you imagine the actual 20 course dining experience!!!

They will kindly put the dishes on the website so I will update the blog accordingly with the correct dish names.

To sum it up, Genius, Paul Pairet is simply a genius. To even try to imagine or think like he does would never happen for me! The workings in his creative mind from using simple things such as gummi bears through to freezing apple juice but making it sexy is beyond me.

My new goal is to save the pennies and book in for an experience at Ultraviolet.  This has now been added to my bucket list!

Mr & Mrs Bund:


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